Reliable recirculation

Submersible recirculation pumps 0.8 to 24 kW, four basic types

The Grundfos range of recirculation pumps is the final result of decades of engineering experience. Created to handle large flows against low head, the SRP models are equally suitable for wastewater treatment plants and flood control. Built for strength and reliability, the SRP will keep things moving – whether for steady process support or emergency relief.

SRP units come in three main variants – DN 300, 500, or 800 mm, respectively, fitted with motors from 0.8 to 24 kW. The units share many features with the AMG and AFG geardriven mixers and flowmakers, making them instantly familiar to service staff and facilitating easy maintenance. All materials are selected for strength, and every component is thoroughly tested for durability before assembly. Recent evolutions include a triple sealing system for maximum protection of the mechanical shaft seal as well as a very installation-friendly bracket.

SRP units often go into large and/or complex systems. When you design your system, we invite you to draw on the Grundfos fount of experience. Our application specialists can help you get the right flows by getting exactly the right pump. And you may well find that Grundfos’ recommendations can save you substantial sums on construction.

The SRP at work

Being designed for recirculation, these specialised pumps will handle very large flows indeed – up to 5,000 m3/h. (Maximum head: 2.1 m). They are typically seen in wastewater treatment plants or waterworks, where they help maintain a steady flow in large-scale basins. But they are also used in industrial processes – and can play a crucial part in flood control setups thanks to their ability to shift large volumes of water quickly and reliably.

Typical application areas

  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Water reservoirs
  • Flood control
  • Industrial process control



Easy installation was a priority in the evolution of the SRP range. The mounting bracket has been optimised on the basis of installer and customer input; for example, top/bottom fixation capabilities make the units instantly suitable for a very wide range of applications. As a true Grundfos solution, the SRP can be integrated into your systems in more ways than one. The Grundfos CUE unit gives you access to simple and more advanced control features to match your demands.


  • SRP units come in three main variants
  • Easy installation




GRUNDFOS SRP ranges (Product brochure)

Recirculation pumps, Q up to 5.000 m3/h

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