The Grundfos SLV and SL1 pumps are designed to handle unscreened sewage, effluent, large volumes of surface water and process water in municipal, utility and industrial applications.

The pumps are available with SuperVortex impellers (SLV) or high efficient channel impellers (SL1), allowing for free passage of solids up to 100 mm in size.

The SLV and SL1 pumps are designed for permanent submerged installation, e.g. by means of an auto coupling or a guide rail system, or for free-standing installation on a ring stand with a flexible pipe connection.


The SL pumps are designed to optimize the operation of a system. Reliability, simple service, and complete system compatibility are some of the main advantages.

SL pumps are designed for submerged use in network pumping stations, wastewater treatment plants, public buildings, blocks of flats, and industry.

Features and benefits

  • Cable plug connection
  • Unique clamp connection
  • Single-channel and vortex impellers
  • Solids passage up to 100 mm
  • Unique cartridge shaft seal
  • Modular design
  • Minimum downtime
  • Motor based on premium efficiency components
  • Many sensor options


  • Single-channel and vortex impellers
  • Premium efficiency components
  • Moisture-proof cable plug connection



Sales Brochure - SL Pump

Sales Brochure

SL Pump

SL1 and SLV Pumps

Installation & Operating Instructions

SL1 and SLV Pumps

Product Guide - SL1, SLV Pumps 1.5 - 15 hp 60 Hz

Product Guide

SL1, SLV Pumps 1.5 - 15 hp 60 Hz

Water and Wastewater Solutions

Water and Wastewater Solutions

Responsible stewardship and good business

SL Range Product Flyer

Product Flyer

SL Range

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