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Grundfos AMG, AMD, and AFG Ranges

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Mixers and flowmakers. Creating flows on any scale.

Grundfos is dedicated to making wastewater systems of any kind as reliable and efficient as possible. Our AMD, AMG, and AFG ranges reflect this dedication. Very dependable and highly efficient, these submersible mixers and flowmakers prevent sedimentation and support processes in treatment plants, industries, and agriculture.

All models share many features, facilitating easy maintenance. Materials are selected for strength, and every component is tested for durability before assembly. Recent evolutions include a triple sealing system for maximum protection of the mechanical shaft seal as well as an installation-friendly mast, bracket, support system.

Grundfos mixers are available with direct (AMD) or planetary gear-driven (AMG) stainless steel or polyamide propellers. All flowmakers (AFG) are gear-driven and share the AMG motor design.

AMD (direct-driven) mixers are available in 4 or 8-pole versions in range from 1 – 6 Hp.

AMG (geardriven) mixers are available from 2-25 Hp.

AFG flowmakers are available from 1,75-10 Hp.

When you design your systems, we invite you to draw on the experience of Grundfos. Our application specialists can help ensure the right flow characteristics, velocities, etc. You may well find that Grundfos’ recommendations can save you substantial cost on construction.

The AMD, AMG, and AFG at work

Mixers and flowmakers make sure that particles remain evenly distributed in wastewater and sludge, preventing sedimentation and supporting treatment processes.

The range covers everything from small-scale mixers, ideal for prefabricated pumping stations, to large-scale flowmakers created for large tanks and basins. Wastewater infrastructure is an obvious application area – from network stations to treatment plants – but the mixing power of the AMD, AMG, and AFG ranges is also appreciated by industries and agricultural professionals worldwide.

Typical application areas

  • Sewage pumping stations
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Industrial processes
  • Agriculture



Great care has been taken to ensure easy installation of the Grundfos mixer/flowmaker ranges. The bracket have been designed on the basis of installation and customers input. For example top/bottom installation capabilities make the units instantly suitable for a very wide range of applications. Different control options are available to match your system – from start/stop to more sophisticated functions.




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