LC 231 Level Controller



The LC 231 level controller offer a comprehensive range of features for control and monitoring of pumps in water and wastewater applications.

The LC 231 pump controller are designed for level control, monitoring and protection of Grundfos pumping systems one pumpsor two pumps starting directon-line. 

The LC 231 pump controller can be used in various types of empty or filling applications (e.g. waste water transport, drainage or tank filling in water supply).

The set-up of the control is easily done either by the predefined application settings or via the step-by-step start-up wizard in the intuitive Grundfos GO app, using Bluetooth Smart technology directly from a smart device (no additional remote required). With the Grundfos GO app, all detailed pump settings can be easily being configured, monitored and commissioned. Even without using the app, you have the option directly from display to change the operation mode from auto to manual start/stop and adjusting the level setting.

The controller is equipped with configurable input/output terminals, giving full flexibility for all applications. Daily control, supervision and commissioning is straightforward with the intuitive and easy-to-use user interface. This saves you valuable time when getting started, and in your daily interaction with pumps and the controller.

The controller integrates seamlessly into the Grundfos range of communication modules, ensuring an easy fit into just about any supervisory system (SCADA).

With the built-in motor protection and current measurement, the LC 231 pump controller provide a service indicator function that helps keep track of when pump service is needed. 

The controller maintains a detailed alarm and warning log with the last 20 alerts. The alarm log can be accessed remotely via SCADA. You can also use Grundfos GO to inspect the logs in localized, translated text for easy troubleshooting and remedial measures at the pumping station.

The LC 231 controller enable:

  • Control of 1 or 2 pumps based on signals from sensor input (analog, 0-5 V, 0.5-3.5V, 0-10 V, 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA or digital, float switch)
  • Support up to five control levels for both analogue level transmitter or float switch operation
  • Supports simple application where only one float switch is present - single float switch operation
  • Configurable input/output terminals that can be used as digital input/output, analogue input and Pt 100/1000 inputs for flexible use in the actual application
  • Prevent the pumps with anti-seizing from choking or seizing due to limestone build-up or other deposits
  • Prevent the mains load when several pumping stations are started up at the same time with power-on delay
  • Protection against water hammer as quick restart/simultaneous start is blocked and delayed
  • Selection of automatic alarm resetting
  • Setting of stop delays matching the actual operating conditions
  • Shows the actual liquid level
  • Alarm indication via a build in buzzer

Alarm indication of: 

  • Power/current overload
  • Dry running
  • High water level
  • Incorrect phase sequences or missing phase
  • Sensor inconsistency or failure
  • Intrusion detection
  • Water on floor
  • Too many restarts
  • Pump overheating and moisture detection

As standard, the LC 231 controller has two alarm relays that can be configured using Grundfos GO to show a variety of status information on a supervisory system (SCADA) or PLC.




LC 231 & LC 241 Sales Brochure

Sales Brochure

LC 231 & LC 241

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LC 231 Single Pump Unit Installation & Operation Manual

Installation & Operation Manual

LC 231 Single Pump Unit

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LC 231 Dual Pump Unit Installation & Operation Manual

Installation & Operation Manual

LC 231 Dual Pump Unit

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LC 231 Quick Instructions Guide

Quick Instructions Guide

LC 231 Emptying Application

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LC 231 Specification Guide

Specification Guide

LC 231

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