Environmental Pump VFD (for MP1 and 4” SPE)



The Grundfos Environmental Pump Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) has been uniquely designed to operate and protect the MP1 Variable Performance Groundwater Sampling Pump and the 4” SPE Variable Performance Sampling / Remediation Pumps. Due to the sophisticated electronics within the Environmental Pump VFD, the operator can easily change between the MP1 Pump or the 4” SPE Variable Performance Pumps by pressing a button. With the pressing of another button, the operator can precisely control the discharge flow rate from the pump from a maximum of 50 gallons per minute to a minimum of 100 milliliters per minute, to depths to 524 feet of head. The Grundfos Environmental Pump VFD is compatible with either 120V or 230V single-phase, AC input power. The operator can simply change the power cord to accommodate the different voltages.


Grundfos Environmental Pump VFD is used to operate and control sampling and remediation pumps. It provides precise control of the discharge flow rate within the pumps operating range.

Features and Benefits

Environmental Pump VFD

  • Precise Flow Control — The push button control pad provides greater control over the pump’s discharge flow rate for better accuracy and precision during sampling.
  • Wide Performance Range — Instead of operating according to one performance curve, the Environmental pump VFD allows for coverage of a range of performances and can function at any point of operation within that range.
  • Motor Protection — The Environmental pump VFD will protect the Variable Performance Pumps from adverse motor conditions such as, over-and-under-voltage, over-current, and groundfault.
  • Dual Input Power Capability — Either 120 V or 230 V, single-phase AC input power is accommodated simply by changing the power cord.
  • Dual Functionality — The Environmental pump VFD can be easily switched to operate either the MP1 pump or the SPE Variable Performance Pumps.
  • Enclosure — The Environmental pump VFD NEMA 4 enclosure is designed for outdoor duty and is resistant to damage as a result of incidental exposure to rain or splashing water.


  • Precise Flow Control
  • Wide Performance Range
  • Motor Protection



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