Control MPC



Grundfos Control MPC is a control cabinet with a CU 351 controller that permits monitoring and control of up to six identical pumps connected in parallel. It comes with everything needed to get started, and contains software optimised for your particular application. Control MPC will minimise energy consumption and cut energy costs straight out of the box. With application-optimised software, you have complete control over the pumps in your system. Features such as automatic cascade control ensure the highest possible system energy efficiency.

As the only system on the market, Control MPC knows exactly which – and how many – pumps to control, and will optimise performance and minimise energy consumption based on user-supplied pump curve data.

With Control MPC, there are no communication barriers. You are free to choose between a wide range of operating languages, and Control MPC supports communication with monitoring equipment or other external units via a number of different fieldbus protocols:

  • Ethernet (VNC server is standard in Control MPC)
  • PROFIBUS via CIU modules
  • LON via CIU modules
  • Modbus via CIU modules
  • GSM and GPRS via CIU modules
  • PLC via IO 351B modules

The Control MPC is designed and built to the same exacting quality standards as all other Grundfos products. Features such as standby pump allocation, forced pump changeover and dry-running protection help to increase your system reliability and decrease downtime and costly maintenance. All it takes for you to start enjoying these Control MPC benefits is to follow the simple installation wizard, which helps you set the desired parameters in the correct sequence.


  • Pressure boosting
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Air-conditioning.


  • Efficient cascade control
  • Setpoint influence
  • Individual pump control
  • Alternative setpoints
  • Clock program
  • Proportional pressure regulation
  • Alternation
  • Standby pumps
  • Pump test run
  • Pilot pumps
  • Stop at low flow function
  • Soft pressure build-up function (minimises risk of water hammer)
  • Emergency run
  • Flow estimation
  • Dry running protection
  • Ethernet


  • Reliable and easy to use
  • Energy-efficient cascade control
  • Pipe protection function





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