Grundfos Case: Lisi Mechanical Contractors


Space Saving VSMS and KP Pumps Deliver High Flow and Reliable Operation for Lisi Mechanical Project

"A company is only as good as its people. If you don't have the right kind of people you can't do a good job. That's why we aligned ourselves with Grundfos."

Corey Bailey – Lisi Mechanical Contractors

VSMS pumps were selected for the Lisi Mechanical project to save space and deliver high flow operation with reliable performance. Prefabrication of KP double volute pumps also helped to reduce installation time and save money.

VSMS Pumps


VSMS pumps deliver high flow rates in small spaces. Extended seal and bearing life minimize maintenance and offer customer value.

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KP Pumps


KP double volute pumps offer reliable performance and make maintenance easy with a split axial design.

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