Solar-Powered Grundfos Pumps Contribute to Typhoon Relief Effort in Philippines


Solar-Powered Grundfos Pumps Contribute to Typhoon Relief Effort in Philippines

Two Grundfos SQFlex pumps were shipped to the Philippines last month to help Water Missions International deliver clean water to victims of Super Typhoon Haiyan, which is being called the strongest tropical cyclone ever recorded.

The death toll is estimated to be more than 10,000 people, but the number of recorded fatalities is anticipated to rise as communication channels are restored and access improves in impacted areas. Safe water is the most critical need in the wake of disaster.

“When basic needs are not met, we know that water is the difference between life and death, as fatal waterborne diseases spread rampantly in untreated drinking water,” said George C. Greene III, co-founder and CEO of Water Missions.

Water Missions International has mobilized treatment equipment and staff members as phase one of relief efforts. Two disaster response water treatment systems, 20 safe water treatment systems and 10 potable water chlorinators are able to provide safe drinking water for the daily needs of 160,000 people in communities surrounding Cebu, one of the most impacted areas.

In the past, Water Missions International has responded to some of the largest natural disasters around the world, including the 2010 Haiti earthquake, the 2008 Sichuan China earthquake, Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the 2004 tsunami in Southeast Asia. Most recently, the organization provided safe water treatment systems to victims of disastrous flooding in southern Mexico this past September and implemented safe water projects in UNICEF refugee camps this summer.

Grundfos’ partnership with the nonprofit has grown exponentially in the past six years. The alliance reaches all the way to the Grundfos Group and the Poul Due Jensen Foundation, transcending normal business relationships between companies.

Bobby Miller, district sales manager, has worked with Water Missions International on numerous natural disasters that have occurred since the formation of the partnership.

“Being a part of Grundfos’ partnership with Water Missions International has brought into closer focus the true meaning of the Grundfos Values in a “real world” environment,” Miller said. “I try to do anything necessary to make certain that Water Missions is at the top of our priority list. This holds especially true during times of natural disasters such as the 2010 earthquake in Haiti to the most recent typhoon in the Philippines.”