Grundfos Showcases Efficient Commercial Pump Line with Telus Garden Project

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The Telus Garden project is a one-million-square-foot complex currently under construction in the heart of Downtown Vancouver, British Columbia. Designed for sustainable and efficient operation, the complex will utilize a District Energy System (DES) to capture and recycle hot and cold thermal energy produced by buildings within the development.

The project will encompass a full city block and consist of three main structures:

1) An existing Telus data centre which produces a large volume of thermal energy

2. A new 24 story 500,000 sqft office tower which will function as the Canadian Telus headquarters
3. A new 53 story 450,000 sqft tower that will contain 428 residential units

The heat captured from the data centre will be recycled through the DES along with the cold energy produced in a cooling plant within the office tower. The energy will then be distributed to heating and cooling systems throughout the complex. This efficient design will help the complex reduce its CO2 emissions by nearly 1,000 tonnes per year and use 22% less energy than conventional buildings.

By implementing the District Energy System in addition to other sustainable building practices the Telus Garden complex is estimated to operate at an 80% efficiency rating and aims to qualify for one of the highest LEED building certifications.

Sixty-two Grundfos pumps, four BoosterpaQ systems and sixteen heat exchanges were supplied for use within the Telus office tower and District Energy System. Grundfos products were selected for their highly efficient and reliable performance – with several products distinguished for their unique capabilities within the project:

KP Horizontal Split Case Pumps - Used for water distribution within the office tower’s primary loop and in the DES. Selected for their high efficiency rating and performance when compared to competitor products.

VSMS Vertical Space Miser and VLS Vertical Inline Pumps – Used to circulate water in both the cooling and heating load side and source side loops of the office tower and residential building. Selected for their compact, space saving design, reliability, high pressure rating, and economical pricing.

BoosterpaQ Systems - Used for domestic water supply, pressure boosting and non-potable rain water supply for irrigation and lavatories. Selected for high efficiency and advanced control methodology which ensures reliability and easy operation for the client.

Technical knowledge and support also played a key role in securing the order. Sherezad Shafiq, Regional Sales Manager for Western Canada, was involved in the early stages of the project, working with consulting engineers Integral Group, on system designs and pump selection nearly two-and-a-half years before the product order was placed.  

Efforts were then applied to partnering with mechanical contractors who were bidding on the project. With the successful attainment of the office tower contract by Lisi Mechanical, Shafiq finalized negotiations with the company before receiving the product order and processing it through wholesale distribution partner Bartle and Gibson.

The IFC (Issued for Construction) stage drawings, submittals, order processing and product shipments were completed within a 3-4 month window, one of the fastest turnaround times for a project of this scale. All pumps, BoosterpaQ Systems and heat exchanges were shipped on-time to the construction site during the first quarter of 2013.

The Telus Garden complex is expected to be operational by fall 2014