Grundfos pumps help save lives at Ongutoi Health Centre in Uganda


Ongutoi Health Centre In Uganda

Grundfos donates four 5SQ05-140 pumps to the Ongutoi Health Centre in Uganda - helping to provide free life-saving surgery to the country’s most venerable citizens.

In the summer of 2013, Grundfos Canada donated four 5SQ05-140 pumps to the Ongutoi Health Centre in Uganda. Mr. Wayne Hill, Lead solar and water distribution designer for High Adventure Canada transported the pumps to Uganda where they were installed in the facility. The pumps provide the Health Centre with water for low flow toilets and showers and wash facilities for surgeons and health care providers.

The four donated Grundfos SQ pumps feature durable stainless steel pump casings and were an ideal choice based on their low starting torque and minimal energy consumption.

A letter from Mr. Wayne Hill, outlining the scope and benefits of the project can be found below.

“The final touches on the most recent Ongutoi Health Centre upgrade in Uganda have been completed and surgery is now underway.

The 2013 construction project involved a new doctor’s residence, a modern sanitation septic system with unique water conserving toilets and a 150,000-liter water harvest collection, storage, purification and pressure distribution system. The new facility has drawn interest and praise from Uganda’s highest government leaders who are busy raising health and sanitation standards for their country’s 32 million people. This facility is a bench mark for all other health centers.

More importantly, this project has enabled visiting surgeons to have professional facilities in which to live and perform surgery for the poorest of the nation. There are many surgeries that have taken place but one of the most recent has emerged as an example of the intense need for these types of facilities.

A 60-year old man had endured a facial tumor for 25 years. During this time he suffered through the LRA war (1996-2006). Worse yet, his community demonstrated their ignorance by rejecting and isolating him. He traveled to various Ugandan country run hospitals for removal and each one turned him down; one required what would be a life’s savings that he did not have and in the end, he simply chose to go back home and wait until “the tumor took my life”.

Then, because of generous corporations like Grundfos Canada, who donated water pumps, the Ongutoi Operating Theatre was opened and equipped this year. The 60 year old man was among the first to receive free life-changing surgery. He is more than grateful and there are many more like him now waiting for their turn.

We have no way of adequately expressing our gratitude to Grundfos Canada for the donation of high quality pumps that distribute water for all facets of the center’s daily life. At present, the four pumps you provided, distribute water from the four in ground water cisterns, through an underground pressurized delivery system. Now for the first time the patients have flush toilets, showers, and the surgeons have wash up facilities.

The outpatient traffic is escalating, from 35 per day when we started (2007) to a current 250 people plus relatives. Already, we are planning a pediatric surgery recovery ward, more flush toilets and another 42,000-liter water cistern, bringing our supply to almost 192000 liters by January 2014.

Your special gift of these pumps is vital to the Medical Clinics daily life. The whole complex is totally solar powered, the technology behind the Grundfos pumps low amp draw on startup allowed the designers to reduce the solar generation output watts and the wire size for the electrical distribution.

We have included several photos that afford an overall site view so you might be able to appreciate just how valuable and appreciated your gift is and will be for years to come.”

Wayne Hill
Lead solar and water distribution designer
High Adventure Canada
In partners with Stronger Together, and
Rotary Clubs International

Surgeons at Uganda Health Centre
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