Grundfos GO Remote


Grundfos Go, Pump Control, Magna, CR

It’s here…
The Grundfos GO Remote arrived in Canada on December 1st!

The new Grundfos Go Remote is designed to provide you with convenient access to pump performance data, control settings and product information, all at the push of a button!

This innovative control uses radio and infra-red technology to communicate with any Grundfos E-pump, allowing users to monitor their product from their mobile device. Save valuable time, by accessing data through the most comprehensive and intuitive mobile platform on the market!

Grundfos Go Remote is compatible with all products supported by the R100 as well as our new line of radio enabled frequency products.

Compatible Pumps:

Compatible Controls:
CU 300
CU 301
CU 321
CU 331

Convenient Access to Pump Data:
Grundfos Go Remote provides convenient access to the following pump data:

1) Product Dashboard - gives the user a quick overview of the connected product
2) Status data - monitor status data from the Grundfos product
3) Alarms and warning - see detailed alarm information with timestamps
4) Configuration/commissioning
5) Create installation report in pdf format
6) Read / write profiles - copy configuration from one product to another
7) Supports 28 local languages

How it Works:
To install the Grundfos GO Remote, follow the simple steps below:

1. Select appropriate hardware version
2. Order hardware from Grundfos
3. Install Grundfos GO App from Apple's App store or Google Play - for free!
4. Ready to GO

Hardware Options:
1. If you already have a smartphone simply order the appropriate mobile interface device from Grundfos.

• If you own an Android based smartphone or tablet, the MI 301 is the only choice.

• If you own an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you can choose the MI 202 (this plugs directly into the connector of your device, so you never have to worry about charging the MI 202) or you can choose the MI 301 for more flexible use.

2. If you prefer a ready-to-use solution as a separate device, choose the MI 201

Hardware Information:

Name    Product Number Description
MI 201   98140638

Complete box product, including protective cover with built-in electronics for pump communication, protective sleeve, charger and iPod touch 4th generation (8 GB version).

This product is designed for users who do not already have a smartphone, and want to take advantage of Grundfos GO.

MI 202   98046376

Mobile interface device for Apple products, including protective sleeve.

This product is designed for users who already have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

MI 301   98046408

Universal Bluetooth mobile interface device for Android or iOS devices, including protective sleeve and charger. This product holds a battery that can last for 8 hours of continuous use.

This product is designed for users who already have an Android oriOS device.

MI 201 Cover   98140983 Cover for iPod touch (4th generation)

How to Buy:

To purchase Grundfos Go hardware, please contact your local Grundfos Distributor or select the item for purchase on your Extranet account*

* Please Note: Grundfos GO products are subject to net pricing – no discounts are available.

Don’t Forget!
The Grundfos GO Caps App is also available for Apple iOS devices from the Apple App store. The program features all basic CAPs functionalities and is free to download. App features include:

Search product by:
Number, Name or QR code
Size a product (Heating, Air-conditioning, Pressure boosting & Wastewater)
Replace product
Compare products
Product view
Supports 11 local languages

For more information on the Grundfos Go or Go CAPs Apps, please Contact Grundfos.