Grundfos Facilities Help Fight Global Water Crisis


Grundfos Facilities Help Fight Global Water Crisis

Walk for Water events to fund sustainable safe water solutions in developing world

Nearly one billion people worldwide lack access to safe water. For them, water is not a source of health but a birthing ground for sickness and disease.

Grundfos presents an opportunity to help fight this global water crisis through its partnership with Water Missions International, a nonprofit that transforms lives by implementing sustainable safe water solutions in the developing world.

Grundfos will once again support Water Missions by hosting Walk for Water events in Kansas City and Chicago in September.

"Watching the Grundfos employee base work together to host their inaugural Walk for Water events in Kansas City and Chicago in 2012 truly showed how the company’s values are more than words on a page,” said Lauren Jernigan, regional coordinator for Water Missions International. “Thousands of people wake up each day with access to safe water thanks to the hard work of so many Grundfos employees. I can't wait to see how the 2013 Grundfos walks will change even more lives."

The Walk for Water is a non-competitive, educational event that allows participants to mimic the trek of those who walk almost four miles per day to provide their families with what is often contaminated water. Halfway through our 3.5-mile walk, participants will fill buckets with water, simulating the true burden of life in a developing nation.

In addition to raising awareness of the global water crisis, the goal of the event is to raise funds to build Grundfos LIFELINK systems, safe water solutions for remote communities without reliable access to water or electricity.

“Grundfos’ LIFELINK system fits perfectly with Water Missions’ “community buy-in” approach for water treatment systems,” said Jake Kauffman, head organizer for the Kansas City Walk for Water. “LIFELINK allows communities supported by Water Missions to have a personal stake in their water systems, ensuring that the system stays viable for many years to come.”

Indeed, these systems can mean the difference between life and death in the developing world.

Participants of the Walk for Water events can help make LIFELINK systems and the life-giving water they provide a reality for villages in the developing world. The help of the community is absolutely vital to providing sustainable access to safe water to those who need it most. Register today for a walk near you.

Chicagoland Walk for Water

The Chicagoland Walk for Water takes place Saturday, Sept. 14 at Grundfos’ facility in Aurora, Ill.

Last year’s event raised $10,000 for Water Missions International.

“Grundfos and Water Missions partnering together to make a difference speaks to the values of the both organizations,” said district sales manager Tim Jordan, who organized the event in 2012. “People take notice when companies want to make a difference in the world.”

Kansas City Walk for Water

The Kansas City Walk for Water takes place Wednesday, Sept. 18 at the Royals’ Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Mo. Those who register will receive a ticket to watch the Kansas City Royals play the Cleveland Indians on Sept. 18.

With its second annual Walk, Grundfos Kansas City hopes to repeat the success of last year’s inaugural event, which raised $50,000 to fund two safe water systems in Dauphine and Rossignol, Haiti.

“Those who participated in the 2012 Kansas City Walk for Water should understand the difference they’re making in the villagers’ lives,” said Terry Teach, vice president of sales for Domestic Buildings.

The women and children of Dauphine and Rossignol no longer waste hours each day walking to a contaminated source and returning with five-gallon buckets of water on their heads. Access to clean water close to home has revolutionized their daily lives by freeing up time for education and work and preventing sickness from waterborne diseases.