Bringing Christmas to Kindergarteners


Bringing Christmas to Kindergarteners

The Grundfos facility in Brookshire, Texas shared the Christmas spirit with nearly 200 children on Dec. 15.

This December, nearly 200 kindergarten students visited the Grundfos facility in Brookshire, Texas for “Breakfast with Santa,” an annual tradition that began at PACO Pumps and has been taking place for around two decades.

During the breakfast, the kindergarteners played games, met Santa and received presents. For many of the children, it was the only Christmas they had.

Executive assistant Debbie Murrile has played Mrs. Claus for the past several years. She said she enjoyed watching the kindergarteners’ eyes get big upon seeing the decorations and gifts waiting for them.

The noise level got deafening when Santa enters the room, said Murrille, who joked that part of her job as Mrs. Claus was crowd control.

“They asked me if I am Santa’s wife and if I live in the North Pole with Santa,” Murrile said, adding that other questions included “Does Rudolph live with us, too?” and “Is Santa real?”

Gail Quesada, director of human resources, said the best part of “Breakfast with Santa” was the smiles of appreciation from the children.

“It gives you a really good feeling that you are truly making a difference in these children’s lives,” said Quesada.

She and senior HR specialist Chau Nguyen were responsible for organizing the event, which included coordinating breakfast, purchasing presents and arranging for Santa, Mrs. Claus and the elves.

In addition to getting employees excited about volunteering, “Breakfast with Santa” reflected company values.

“This is another way that Grundfos shows it cares about people,” Murrile said. “At the end of the party, the kindergarteners are tired but happy and leave with big smiles and arms loaded with presents.”