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Hotel Turns to Grundfos to Solve Water and Energy Issues

Hotel Turns to Grundfos to Solve Water and Energy Issues

Grundfos rises to the challenge for The Sheraton Wall Centre

Rising above the water at the edge of the sea, Vancouver, British Columbia’s high-rises – office buildings, hotels, condos and more – stand out against a backdrop of mountains and blue sky. The challenge of pumping water to the top floors while maintaining proper water pressure isn’t something many people think about. But building owners understand it’s critical to ensuring occupancy and long-term success. And at least two building owners recently turned to Grundfos to meet the challenge and save money in the process.

The Sheraton Wall Centre

Located in the heart of downtown, the Sheraton Wall Centre boasts 733 guest rooms occupying two towers with 49 stories each. Dedicated to providing a green experience, the hotel focuses on sustainability and conserving water and energy. In keeping with its green values, it turned to Grundfos for a pump audit when it considered replacing the original 13-year-old pumps supplying water to the south tower. 

Sherezad Shafiq of Grundfos Canada worked with the mechanical contractor, Finn Jensen of Dan-Jen Mechanical, during the audit process and recommended the MPC BoosterpaQ with 3 CR pumps with variable speed and a controller package as a solution for saving energy and achieving the desired water pressure throughout the building.

Small footprint, big impact

The small footprint of the Grundfos pumps meant they installed in the pump room alongside the original pumps, saving dollars on breakdown and removal costs. The switch from the old pumps to the new took place between 3 and 6 am on January 31, 2012, which ensured the short disruption in water service didn’t affect the guests’ experience.


The compact footprint provided by the Grundfos BoosterpaQ meant the three pumps could fit into the mechanical room without having to remove the old pumps.

But even more impressive was the cost savings achieved in just the first three months since the pumps were installed. The variable speed pumps effectively reduced energy use and are on track to reduce energy consumption from 192,000 kWh per year to 58,000 kWh per year, effectively supplying the entire south tower with a strong water flow for about $100 (all figures are in Canadian Dollars) a month in energy costs.

Condo Complex Audit Shows Dramatic Savings

Condo Complex Audit Shows Dramatic Savings

Proven solutions from Grundfos for The Classico 

Not far from the Sheraton Wall Centre lies “The Classico” condominium complex. Built in 2003, the 38-story high-rise houses 212 apartments, a few commercial spaces, and a large swimming pool for residents. According to strata council member Peter van Diepen, the original boiler room didn’t work properly, with over-sized boilers, no domestic hot water storage and leaky heat exchangers. In addition, the booster pumps serving the upper portion of the high rise required nearly $4,500 per year in maintenance. George Malburg of Ram Mechanical worked with Grundfos to conduct a system audit, which showed potential for significant savings on energy use. 

The new system, a high-efficiency, multi-stage pumps and speed control system was installed in October of 2011. It included three CR10 pumps connected to the Grundfos MPC control with the CUE dedicated variable frequency drives, which have used less than 2,000 kWh since installation. During typical daytime use, only one pump runs at about 30 percent capacity. The booster pumps supply water to all units on the 16th story and higher, and maintain a pressure of 160 psi.

As part of the changes, Ram Mechanical replaced the oversized boilers with eight condensing boilers and three 450-litre domestic hot water tanks to supply domestic hot water. And two heat exchange pumps were installed to provide heat to the pool, common areas and lobby.


Residents of the Classico appreciate the power, reliability and energy savings provided by their new Grundfos BoosterpaQ pumps, tucked away in a mechanical room in the parking area.

Saving money and energy

Since the system was installed, power consumption dropped by a very impressive 97 percent and the operating costs are expected to go down to $309 per year as opposed to the $10,861 each year required previously. On top of the energy savings, the association spent about $60,000 on equipment repairs in the year before the Grundfos BoosterpaQ and mechanical room improvements were initiated, an expense immediately eliminated. The energy and water savings were confirmed in April 2012 by a third-party audit and verified to be 130,000 kWh per year.

Audits demonstrate the economical value of using retrofit solutions to improve efficiencies and minimize repair costs, while providing maximum comfort for guests and residents. Grundfos offers proven solutions for gaining real savings by going green.

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