About Grundfos Chicago


Grundfos Chicago

LOCATION: 3905 Enterprise Court, Aurora, Ill., 40 miles west of Chicago

HISTORY: Formerly Yeomans Chicago Corporation (YCC), the company was acquired by Grundfos North America in December 2008. YCC itself consisted of a collection of venerable, Chicago-based pump companies whose roots go back a century or more: Morris Pumps (founded in 1864), Yeomans Pumps (1898) and Chicago Pump (1909). After operating for decades independently, Yeomans and Chicago became part of the Clow Corporation (now Clow Valve) in 1966 and 1980, respectively. When McWane, Inc. bought Clow in 1985, the two pump companies were combined into a single entitly and renamed Yeomans Chicago Corporation. Seven years later, YCC was purchased by former Clow president John L. Kelly and his son, John P. Kelly. The pair subsequently added Morris to their portfolio in a 1966 acquisition.

ACTIVITY: Grundfos Chicago, including the office, warehouse and manufacturing facility, is devoted exclusively to the production, servicing and distribution of pumps and other equipment for the municipal wastewater treatment market throughout North America and beyond.


  • Wastewater pump systems and heavy-duty wastewater pumps
  • Pneumatic ejector systems, air compressors and dry vacuum pumps
  • Severe-duty, cup-type recess impeller pumps and heavy-duty wastewater pumps
  • Wastewater and sludge grinder solutions
  • Package lift stations
  • Dry pit and wet pit motors

SUSTAINABILITY INITIATIVES: In an effort to live out Grundfos’ core value of sustainability, the Chicago facility has initiated a number of measures aimed at reducing the company’s environmental footprint. In addition to recycling paper, plastic, metal and wood, Grundfos Chicago has converted half its lift truck fleet to electric. The warehouse lighting contains occupancy sensors so it only turns on when needed and its heating system is equipped with setback thermostats that use less heat during off hours.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Last September, Grundfos Chicago hosted its first annual Walk for Water, which raised $10,000 in support of Water Missions International, a non-profit committed to fighting the global water crisis. The funds went toward the installation of a Grundfos LIFELINK safe water system in the developing world.

ACHIEVEMENTS: In March 2012, Grundfos enhanced its national manufacturing presence in Illinois, unveiling a new Water Utility Center focused solely on the wastewater market. The Water Utility Center will be used as a platform for launching increasingly sophisticated, energy-saving pump technologies in the coming years.