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2012 CMX\CIPHEX Trade Show
Grundfos Canada is excited to take part in 2012 CMX\ CIPHEX show from March 22nd - March 24th.
2012 Grundfos Pricelists
A new pricelist for Grundfos products will be in effect beginning on February 1st, 2012.
2012 Ride for Habitat
Grundfos Employees Ride Out in Support of Habitat for Humanity.
250 Grundfos production workers face redundancies
Due to reduced order intake as a result of the general uncertainty that has been influencing world economy in recent weeks, further intensified by the war in Iraq, Management in Grundfos A/S, the pump group's Danish production company, decided to reduce the number of production workers by 250.
3,600 Grundfos-employees in Denmark get new CEO
From 1 January 2003 Process Director Lars Aagaard will take over Poul Vesterbæk’s position as CEO of Grundfos A/S.
33% less energy consumption
Acting on a Grundfos LCC analysis, a German water supplier reduced specific energy expenditure from 0.57 to 0.38 kWh/m³.
45 nations meet in Cyberspace
New technology promotes understanding across global organisations – without waste of time and expensive travel.
A Breakdown is not an option in Budapest
The citizens of the Hungarian capital rely on the Budapest Canalization Works for removing sewage and preventing floods. The company expects top performances from themselves and their partners.
A Brighter Future - Flood Control in Korea
Each year, Korea experiences two months of high flood risk during the monsoon season. KJI, a Grundfos Group company, is highly respected as a supplier of flood control solutions.
A durable submersible for pumping stations
You would do well to give the new Grundfos SL ranges a serious look - the SL is flexible in a way that few pumps in its class can match.