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Salty river on Crete turned into drinking water
Thanks to a new state-of-the-art desalination plant outside of Heraklion, locals and tourists can drink water directly from the taps.
Powering a strong relationship
Samsung C&T and Grundfos recently expanded the scope of their joint efforts, when the two signed a Global Partnership Agreement. This will make it easier for the two to collaborate globally.
Keeping floods at bay in Semarang
Located at the seaside in an area with heavy rainfall, the Indonesian city of Semarang is prone to flooding. Every year, uncontrollable water masses wreak havoc on people’s homes and lives. A unique solution shelters citizens from the water masses.
Hot business in a cold climate
Reliability is in demand when it comes to running a four star hotel north of the Polar Circle. A huge investment in pumps and other technical equipment has brought exactly that to Hotel Arctic, as well as massive savings and a solid contribution to taking care of the environment and the unique nature in western Greenland.
The best water stories of the year
‘Grundfos Thinks Water Wise 2014’ has just been presented at global leadership conference. The publication collects a range of water cases from the previous year showing the responsibility, we as a global company take within water.
Widest programme range ever presented at ISH
New, innovative solutions and an extended and modernised product range meet our guests at this year’s largest sanitary and heating trade fair in Frankfurt.
Grundfos strengthens its market position, but profitability must be improved
The world’s leading pump manufacturer, Grundfos, is being challenged by intensified competition, low growth in the European markets and unfavourable currency exchange rates in 2014. High growth in for instance the United States and China strengthens the global market position, but there is a continued decline in profitability. A new strategy is to reverse this trend.
Grundfos Case: Pitt Meadows Plumbing
MAGNA3 Pumps Cut Installation Time and Costs in Pitt Meadows Plumbing Systems
Grundfos Case: Lisi Mechanical Contractors
Space Saving VSMS and KP Pumps Deliver High Flow and Reliable Operation for Lisi Mechanical Project
Grundfos Case: Hytec Water Managment
Hytec Water Management Systems use Grundfos Dosing Pumps to Reduce Pinhole Leaks in High-Rise Buildings