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Powerful pumps safeguard metropolis in the US
More than 1 million people in the city of Louisville, Kentucky, rely on constant top performance from pumping stations to keep the Ohio River away from their homes.
Sustainable steps are out in the open
3.5 billion kWh saved for our European circulator customers, our own energy consumption is reduced by 3 percent and our water footprint by 6. These are some of the headlines from our newly published sustainability report.
Hidden heroes power green ambitions
A unique way of thinking sustainability into every part of society has drawn attention to the Danish island of Samsø from all over the world. Innovation and energy optimisation are key elements in achieving the ambitious goal of becoming completely inde¬pendent from fossil fuels.
New COO appointed
Grundfos announces Stéphane Simonetta as new Executive Vice President and Head of Operations.
Grundfos has issued a safety warning about an earlier model of its CONLIFT pumps produced on or before week 47 in 2007. Pumps from that period may pose a dangerous fire risk under certain circumstances.
Super microscope demands steady pumps
Advanced microscope technology in the gigantic MAX IV Laboratory at Lund University, Sweden, offers great opportunities for future research and development. The technology is very sensitive, and this poses special demands for pump systems.
Export of water technology to China has doubled
In seven years, Denmark has doubled its export of water technology to China. Now, Danish Minister for the Environment, Kirsten Brosbøl, hosts the Chinese Minister for Water, Chen Lei, who will be looking at water technology and make new co-operation agreements with Denmark and the EU during the next few days.
Bigger and better than ever: Grundfos Olympics is back
Yet again, Bjerringbro will be really multi-cultural in the coming weekend. 1,200 Grundfos employees from 55 countries will meet for the Grundfos Olympics, held in Bjerringbro and its surroundings under the banner of ”Teambuilding and Friendship”.
Danish IT cooling with groundwater can become new export adventure
Recently, Interxion started using a unique groundwater system for cooling its data centre in Ballerup of 3,500 square metres. The solution, developed by the consultancy firm Geo in collaboration with Grundfos, can become the starting signal for a new, Danish export adventure in green technology.
The story of an entrepreneur became a fairy-tale
70 years ago, Poul Due Jensen began an extraordinary industrial story. The beginning of the pump fairy-tale is celebrated today.