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Danish IT cooling with groundwater can become new export adventure
Recently, Interxion started using a unique groundwater system for cooling its data centre in Ballerup of 3,500 square metres. The solution, developed by the consultancy firm Geo in collaboration with Grundfos, can become the starting signal for a new, Danish export adventure in green technology.
MAGNA, ALPHA, BoosterpaQ, 2013 MCEE Trade Show
The wait is over.
Join us at the 2013 MCEE trade show for Canada’s first look at the new Magna 3.
2012 Construct Canada
The 24th Construct Canada trade show is just around the corner! Register to attended the show online and receive free admission. Don’t miss out!
Grundfos Case: Lisi Mechanical Contractors
Space Saving VSMS and KP Pumps Deliver High Flow and Reliable Operation for Lisi Mechanical Project
Visions are turned into reality
World Vision and Grundfos want to supply water to the world. The target is to provide millions of people with access to water by 2020. Already now, a significant milestone is reached.
Acquisition boosts Grundfos in Australia
Grundfos, the global leader in providing innovative, energy efficient pumps and pumping solutions, today announced that they will acquire long term local Australian partner, B.K.B. Pumps & Tanks Pty Ltd. The deal closure is expected to be finalised by early April 2013.
New project extracts phosphorus from waste water
Grundfos is partner in a development project, which, in time, can lead to recycling of the scarce and essential resource, phosphorus.
100 Villages
100 Villages
17,000 People, 1,200 Workshops, 24 Hours, 6 Values
Grundfos has been focused on values since 1945. On June 20, all 17,000 Grundfos employees attended workshops to discuss these uniting values, which are at the core of company identity.
Representatives of Grundfos Canada will be taking part in the 2012 AHR Expo from
January 23-25 in Chicago, Illinois.