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Bentall Centre located along Burrard Street in the heart of downtown Vancouver’s financial district had primitive booster systems in four of the five towers that required replacement.

The existing booster packages were initially installed when the towers were constructed, dating from 1969 through 2002. The booster systems were oversized and inefficient, constantly operating irrespective of water demand, which lead to a large amount of energy consumption and wastage. Repair costs were also through the roof for the tower owners.

The requirement was to identify an energy efficient solution and upgrade the existing booster systems to provide smooth operation in a sustainable way for the owners.

Maintenance staff at the Bentall Centre, as well as consulting engineers and Grundfos sales engineers, faced the challenge of identifying the correct size of the existing booster systems. Equally challenging for mechanical contractor Davidson Brothers was the installation of the new booster systems into the mechanical rooms, due to the small size and location.

The new Grundfos BoosterpaQ systems each consist of 3 CR vertical inline multistage pumps, with motors ranging from 10 to 30 hp. The variable frequency drives (VFD) located in the multi-pump controller (MPC) shut the pumps down during periods of low demand, while the MPC is still monitoring the pressure in the discharge line. As pressure drops below set-point, the required number of pumps will resume operation. The BoosterpaQ was chosen for the following reasons:

The CR pumps are known for their economical and quiet operation. They are very easy to replace and extremely reliable. They have one of the highest efficiencies in the market.

* The MPC controller identifies variations in water pressure and allows for the pumps to run only when demand is detected. This helps extend the life span of the pumps, decreasing energy consumption and reducing maintenance costs significantly.

* The MPC alternates between lead and lag pumps, ensuring equal run hours on all of the pumps. The built in pump curves also enable the ability to identify whether or not it is more efficient to operate two or more pumps at a slow speed rather than a single pump at full speed.

* The system’s suction and discharge manifolds and base plate are constructed of all stainless steel. The unit is compact, comes preassembled and is tested prior to delivery.

The BoosterpaQ systems were successfully installed and have been running smoothly for well over a year. Bentall Centre’s chief maintenance engineer claims that the system’s performance has been impeccable. The majority of the time the BoosterpaQ’s run with only one pump at 70% to 80% speed. This puts huge smiles on tower owner’s faces as well, leaving them with zero maintenance cost and very low energy consumption levels. Upgrading to the new BoosterpaQ’s also allowed owners to obtain an energy savings rebate from BC Hydro.




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If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


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If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


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