Pressure Boosting at Canada’s Largest Financial Centre



Grundfos Retrofits Canada’s Largest Financial Centre with Energy Efficient Boosters.

Toronto Dominion (TD) Centre located in Toronto’s downtown core is Canada’s largest financial complex. Clustered together are six black towers spanning across six acres, with four of the towers occupying a full city block. Construction of the TD Centre was completed between 1967 and 1991, with the addition of its sixth tower in 1995. As with many of the buildings around it, TD Centre was approaching its thirty to forty year old age mark and building owner; Cadillac Fairview became concerned. Existing buildings surrounding TD Centre had undergone major restoration in order to compete with the new buildings going up in the area that were LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified, offering more to its tenants. Cadillac Fairview decided it was time to go “green” and refurbish and retrofit all six of the centres towers to obtain LEED certification of its own. This included replacing the old constant speed pressure boosting systems with new, sustainable ones to boost domestic drinking water up to the towers top floors. One main obstacle was encountered while working with Engineering Firm; H.H. Angus & Associates on the retrofitting. Two of the existing booster pumps in tower one were notably large, providing more pressure capability then any single Grundfos pump.

For phase one of the retrofitting, Bird Mechanical installed a fully integrated all-in-one BoosterpaQ system in tower one and tower five. For phase two of the project, Black & McDonald installed a total of five BoosterpaQ’s. Two systems went into tower two and a single system in towers three, four and six. Each of the BoosterpaQ systems consists of CR vertical inline multistage pumps, frequency converter-controlled motors ranging from 10 to 100 hp and constant speed control panels. To overcome the obstacle in tower one, two extremely large scale CR pumps were used in parallel to replace each outdated pump model in order to provide the required pressure. The constant speed control panel attached ensures that the pair of CR’s would be running identically.

The BoosterpaQ systems were chosen for the following reasons:

The CR range of centrifugal pumps is extremely reliable and highly efficient, providing the best foundation for the systems. With their history, CR’s remain unchallenged as the world’s best.

CR pumps are equipped with an integrated variable-frequency drive motor for complete control, optimum flexibility and unbeatable efficiency, to ensure maximum performance.

The MPC (Multi-Pump Controller) is the brain behind the system and was specially designed for Grundfos booster pumps. It controls the number of CR’s in operation, as well as the speed of the individual CR’s.

The systems are ideal for water supply and pressure boosting in multi-story buildings, which can vary significantly throughout the day. The systems adapt to variations in water consumption and provide optimum comfort by maintaining constant-pressure control at all levels at all times. This capability keeps energy consumption at a low level, substantially saving on energy costs.

The systems are sturdy, compact units that are built to last. They are easy to install and operate and are service-friendly, saving on maintenance costs.

Phase one of the BoosterpaQ installations began in January 2011 and phase two began in September. The transition from the old systems to the new went smoothly. Grundfos sales engineers were very accommodating, performing system start-ups outside of regular business hours, when TD facility use was minimal. TD is currently involved in several initiatives to reduce energy consumption and waste in its work environment and the BoosterpaQ’s were a wise choice because they contribute to Centre’s energy efficient goals. Currently, all six towers are pursuing LEED certification, with the 77 King Street West tower and the 79 Wellington Street West tower already having had achieved the status.


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If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


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