Grundfos Sprouts Up with Green High-Rise Condos on the St. Lawrence



EVOLO Condominiums located on Nun’s Island, Quebec is Pointe-Nord’s first high-rise building. EVOLO condo’s is a part of Pointe-Nord’s upcoming urban, ecological community. The 30-storey luxury waterfront condos are situated on the banks of the St. Lawrence River, just minutes from downtown Montreal. EVOLO is a LEED-ND project (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Neighbourhood Developments) and required an HVAC and booster system that would comply or exceed LEED standard. The HVAC and booster systems had to maintain constant pressure all the way to the 30th floor and recirculate hot water for radiant floor heating and for water heaters on each floor in a sustainable way.

Expert Conseil L’Ecuyer Daoust Inc. was the engineering firm that designed the mechanical systems that Le Groupe Jenaco would install. Local partner; Dynapompe sold the idea of working with the Grundfos brand to Le Groupe Jeanaco, not only for Grundfos’ reliability, but also because of Grundfos’ ability to provide a solution that requires less horsepower, saving on energy consumption.

The Grundfos HVAC system consists of UPS, TP and PACO pumps, with motors ranging from 1/3 hp to 10 hp. This combination of pumps was chosen for the following reasons:

The UPS pumps are maintenance-free, have no bearing, seal or coupling, which will save on future maintenance costs.

The TP pumps are epoxy coated, have a wear ring and SS impeller. The pumps will operate cleanly and reliably for years, and when it comes time to repair a pump, the wear ring can be replaced to return the pump to “like-new” condition.

The PACO pumps have double volute, which extends the pumps life cycle and helps for less turbulence in the system. They also have wear ring, inside mechanical seal and suction splitter. Seal repairs will be less frequent, and when they are required, they will be half the cost of a repair for a pump that has an outside mechanical seal.

The PACO pumps have a francis vane impeller which produces 40% more suction, giving more flow with less head, saving energy.

The Grundfos BoosterpaQ system MPC-F-2CR20-2 20 hp 105 psi 300 gpm consists of two CR vertical inline multistage pumps for variable speed operation. The BoosterpaQ was chosen for the following reasons:

* CR pumps are economical and quiet. They are extremely reliable and have one of the highest efficiencies in the market.

* The multi pump controller (MPC) alternates between lead and lag pumps. It enables one pump to run at full capacity and when there is more demand, the second pump will kick in.

* The variable frequency drive (VFD) identifies variations in water pressure and allows for the pumps to run only when there is demand, extending the life span of the pumps and reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs.

EVOLO is presently under construction and the HVAC and BoosterpaQ systems are currently being installed. There are 27 pumps in total and the project is scheduled for completion in August.


UPS, TP, BoosterpaQ and PACO pumps


Nun’s Island, Quebec, Canada


EVOLO Condominiums



If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


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If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


(905) 829-9533