Community Center Minimizes Energy Consumption with Grundfos MAGNA and VFD



Kensington Community Centre and Pool located in Vancouver, B.C. recently upgraded its existing heating system to run in an energy efficient manner. The retrofit project replaces the centre’s previous system, which had a constant flow secondary loop. The previous system’s flow rates were established based on peak design condition, which represented only a small fraction of total operating hours. This constant flow rate was maintained throughout the hydronic loop whenever the system was operating, irrespective of demand, thus leading to wasting of energy and higher operating costs.

The consulting engineers faced the challenge of converting Kensington’s old heating system to a pump and variable frequency drive (VFD) combination that would provide smooth operation of the system and yet be economical.

The design retrofit project converted the constant flow secondary loop to variable flow by utilizing two valves. The new Grundfos system the engineers recommended uses VFD driven pumps that modulate speed based on the heating demand. The system consists of five MAGNA 65-120F inline wet-rotor pumps with integrated VFD.

In the fall of 2008 three of the pumps were installed in the centre’s East Wing hydronic loop and two in the West Wing. The MAGNA VFD system was chosen for the following reasons:

(1)The pumping system has all the features required for the application, such as the compact design of the MAGNA and VFD combination with sensor-less pressure control capability. It also has the reputation of being reliable and requiring minimal maintenance.

(2) The MAGNA pumps located in the East Wing are using a proportional pressure control method, where the differential pressure across the pump is automatically adjusted to match the flow demand of the system. The MAGNA pumps are intelligent enough to alter the differential pressure set-points based on the flow demand of the system, leading to a reduced load on the motor, along with reduced energy consumption.

(3) Grundfos has a unique AUTOADAPT control method which the pumps in the West Wing are using. In the AUTOADAPT mode, the MAGNA attempts to learn the characteristics of the system and adapt itself based on this knowledge. This mode allows the MAGNA pumps to obtain an operating profile that is the function of the specific system it is installed into. Since most system capacities are based on peak demand, using the AUTOADAPT shifts the proportional pressure control line to match the actual demand of the system. This leads to lower pump speeds, resulting in even greater energy savings.

(4) The application can be continuously monitored by a direct digital control (DDC) system. A major advantage here was that the MAGNA pumps provided the desired functionality without additional sensors or inputs from the DDC, therefore making the system very simple and economical with the ability to offer the right level of comfort and energy optimization.

Vancouver Parks Service Department was also provided with a universal remote control which enables them to access all MAGNA and Grundfos “E” products’ internal programs. To this day Kensington’s MAGNA VFD system is fully functioning to the satisfaction of the Vancouver Parks Board and the consulting engineer. Since the installation, the reduction of energy consumption and savings in operating costs is making it much easier for Kensington to better service their community.


Grundfos' MAGNA VFD heating system vs. traditional hydronic loop heating systems


Vancouver, B.C. Canada


Kensington Community Centre

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If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


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