Hydro Solo-E Variable Speed Booster System Eliminates City Water Pressure Variations for Manufacturer



Hartmann, a manufacturer of environmentally friendly egg carton packaging located in Brantford, Ontario, had been experiencing fluctuations in incoming city water pressure, resulting in unstable machine operation and production.

The inconsistent water pressure that was being supplied to the mixer by the previous pump was contributing to a poor mixture of water-to-polymer ratio, creating large clumps of polymer build-up within the tanks. These variations were very difficult to control. Due to the variations, the polymer used to hold the recycled newspaper fibers together to create the product mould was not strong enough, the pump was failing, and cleaning was an eight hour process.

To solve the problem, Hartmann needed a pumping system that generated a constant flow of 9 gpm and a constant pressure of 50 psi. Emnor Mechanical located in Hamilton, Ontario recommended that Hartmann choose a Grundfos Hydro Solo-E Variable Speed Booster System to replace the existing small centrifugal pump. The Hydro Solo-E Booster System was delivered preassembled and complete with a CR1-7 vertical multistage pump, with a ¾ HP and 575V motor, variable frequency drive (VFD) unit and all accessories. It was installed back in January 2008 by Hartmann and is located on the factory floor.

The Hydro Solo-E Booster System was chosen for the following reasons:

(1) The “Plug & Pump” system comes preprogrammed according to the customer’s specifications, is factory tested, ready for operation and easy to install and commission.

(2) The VFD in the Hydro Solo-E package identifies variations in water flow, allowing the pump to continuously regulate speed while maintaining desired constant water pressure and constant flow. This helps extend the life span of the pump, decreasing energy consumption and reducing maintenance costs, while remaining as competitively priced as a standard single speed pump.

(3) The VFD allows over-sizing of the system to account for future expansions.

(4) The enhanced sleep function in the VFD ensures that the system goes into standby mode when there is no demand in the buildings. This allows for substantial energy savings over years of service.

(5) The CR model Vertical Multistage Pumps have high efficiencies and are one of the most reliable products in the market, with easy to replace mechanical seals.

Since the installation of the Hydro Solo-E Booster System, Hartmann has had a stable, consistent mixing of polymer with incoming water pressure. They no longer experience build-up of polymer within the tanks and pump failure. Cleaning is now a two hour process, saving costs on lost time and product. Hartmann continuously tests batches weekly, and since the installation of the new pump system, the batches have produced nearly the exact same reading, enabling Hartmann to produce a consistently high quality product.



Grundfos' Hydro Solo-E provides a solution for inconsistent water pressure and pump failure due to polymer build-up


Brantford, Ontario Canada


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If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


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If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


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