Metering and Dosing Pumps: DDA, SMART Dosing, DMX & DMH

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Technical Details

Product sizing, manuals, documentation, pump curves and CAD drawings.


Metering & Digital Dosing Pumps

Grundfos meteting and dosing pumps cover a range of applications - from 25ml/hr to 1000 L/hr and pressures up to 3000 psi.

The stepper motor technology provides continuous dosing - resulting in smooth control in setpoint applications. Built in autodearation and bubble detection prevents pump cavitation and ensures reliable chemical feed under the harshest circumstances.

The Smart Digital DDA-C-E Dosing Pumps set new standards in liquid chemical handling and accuracy. With 3000:1 turndown and +/- 1% accuracy the DA can be scaled to meet the widest range of flow rates in one model.

A large LCD screen with visible pump status colours allows the operator to know, at a glance, the pump run status. Easy to install and operate with its unique drive-and-flow-control management concept. The setting of the pump is displayed in ml/h, l/h or gph, and the operation mode is easily identified by means of icons.

The DMH mechanical hydraulic dosing pump range is the preferred choice for industrial and complex tasks. The DMH range is a series of extremely strong, robust pumps for applications where a substantial dosing range and high-pressure capabilities are required.

The DDI 222 series offers a quiet solution to your mechanical dosing needs. Dosing heads and valves are available in a variety of materials while noise from operation is kept to a minimum, reaching just 45dB (A) regardless of model.

DMX mechanical diaphragm pumps are part of a highly versatile dosing line suitable for a wide variety of applications. DMX models are available in a wide flow range and dosing head size.


- Video file showing dosing components.
- Flash file showing dosing elements.


Grundfos dosing pumps are designed for handling chemicals in the harshest of environments including,

Features and Benefits

  • Precise and easy setting
  • Unique technology
  • Small number of variants will cover all needs
  • Full pulse control
  • Pulse batch control
  • Internal timer batch control
  • Analog 0/4-20 mA control
  • Integrated Level control
  • Profibus communication module

  • Precise and easy settings
  • Unique technology
  • Fewer variants to cover all needs

Download Dosing Literature

Dosing Pump Training Videos

Introduction to Grundfos Digital Dosing

Learn how our unique dosing technology can provide reliable and precise operation in your application. Digital Dosing Video.


Grundfos Digital Dosing Control Settings

Learn how simple it is to monitor and control your Grundfos Digital dosing pump with this visual presentation. Dosing Control Video.



Smart Dosing Brochure

Literature Code: L-SD-SL-01
File Size: 15.4 MB

Digital_Dosing_ Brochure

Literature Code: L-DOS-SL-02
File Size: 7.12 MB


Literature Code: L-INS-SL-01
File Size: 2.39 MB

DDA-C-E Product Guide

Literature Code: L-SD-PG-001
File Size: 3.5 MB


File Size: 1.13 MB


Literature Code: L-DD-PG-001
File Size: 5.73 MB


Literature Code: L-DMI-PG-01
File Size: 3.07 MB


Literature Code: L-DMH-PG-01
File Size: 1.76 MB

DDI Product Guide

File Size: 1.82 MB


Literature Code: L-INS-PG-01
File Size: 3.32 MB


File Size: 3.84 MB


File Size: 1.91 MB

Conex DIA

File Size: 792 KB

DDI 209

File Size: 1.69 MB

DDI 222

File Size: 965 KB

DME 2-48

File Size: 1.07 MB

DME 66-940

File Size: 1.07 MB

DMX 227

File Size: 759 KB


File Size: 1.38 MB

Oxiperm Pro, Digital Dosing

Literature Code: L-OXI-PG-02
File Size: 2.95MB

Literature Code: 96313674
File Size: 538 KB

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