Grundfos Canada

For more information on Grundfos Canada, please contact us:

Grundfos Canada INC.
2941 Brighton Road
Oakville, Ontario, L6H 6C9

Phone Number: 905-829-9533
Toll-Free-Phone: 1-800-644-9599
Fax: 905-829-9512
Toll-Free-Fax: 1-800-265-9862

To improve customer service and reduce wait times Grundfos has created three new contact emails. The new emails will help to ensure that your questions are sent to the appropriate contact within Grundfos.

For all future emails, please refer to the following guide when determining the recipient:
- Questions about product price or delivery (please include product number).
- Technical questions about our products \ advice on which product to choose for specific applications.
- Requests for commercial quotes and bids (RFQs & RFPs). - Request information on fire products or request a fire project quote.

If your question does not meet these criteria, or you are unsure who you should contact, please send your email to:

We will ensure it reaches the appropriate contact.

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