Innovation Intent


Choosing our future

We believe that ‘innovation is the essence’. Our mission requires us to be a technological leader, and our company has repeatedly developed technologies and solutions with an eye for future needs.

In 2008, we finalised an Innovation Intent that will serve to give focus to our long-term innovation efforts going forward to 2025.

A fundamental element in the Innovation Intent is the strong message to our employees; that our future should continue to build on sustainable development. The Innovation Intent consists of three elements - CONCERN-CARE-CREATE - that each represents a challenge to our organisation. Every major concept that we launch over the next 20-30 years should meet all three of these challenges at the same time.

CONCERN - Put sustainability first
  • Commit to becoming a leading green technology company
  • Focus on customers’ needs for green solutions
  • Succeed with cutting edge green solutions
  • Turn environmental thinking into accelerated growth

CARE - Be there for a growing world
  • Enable growth at lower environmental cost
  • Capitalise on the fast growing economies
  • Commit to the world’s poorest

CREATE - Pioneer new technologies
  • Develop solutions the world has never seen before
  • Reinvent the pump
  • Expand into new categories and areas
  • Use technologies in new and creative ways
  • Base solutions on stakeholder needs

Meet all 3 challenges simultaneously
  • Create truly groundbreaking innovation
  • Focus on growth markets
  • Accelerate green efforts

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