Horticultural tree farm maintains growth with Grundfos VFD



Braun Horticulture located in Mount Hope, Ontario is a specialist in large caliper trees that are grown in the field and then relocated to the farm, where they continue to be maintained until they are sold. In order for the trees not to dry out and to remain fresh until delivery, an extensive watering system is used. The water demand is variable depending on which areas of the farm are being watered.

The problem with the farm’s existing 40 hp base mounted pump was that it was a constant speed pump; therefore it was unable to produce variable flow at a constant pressure. Also associated with the existing pump were maintenance problems. Changing the mechanical seal was very difficult. Up for the challenge was Hamilton Hydronics. To replace the existing pump Hamilton Hydronics provided the farm with a Grundfos variable speed Hydro Solo-E pumping system. The system consists of a CR64 3-2 vertical multistage pump, with a 30 hp motor and variable frequency drive unit. It includes all accessories.

The Hydro Solo-E pumping system was chosen for this particular application for the following reasons:

(1) The variable frequency drive (VFD) in the system identifies variations in water flow, allowing for variable flow while maintaining constant pressure. This important consideration eliminates the pressure fluctuations the farm was experiencing when there were changes in flow during the watering process. This feature also provides energy conservation in instances when only partial watering is required.

(2) Prior to delivery, the new system’s pressure transducer was internally connected to the VFD, the system was preprogrammed to the customer’s specifications, and it was factory tested. This made for ready operation and an easy installation process.

(3) The enhanced sleep function in the VFD has built-in safety protection. When the pump is left running and no flow requirement has been detected, the system will drop into sleep mode. When pressure decreases, indicating demand has returned, the pump will resume. Other built-in-protection includes: motor overload, phase-to-phase short, phase-to-ground short, input and output protection.

(4) The CR pumps are the most reliable products in the market, known for easy and less costly maintenance in comparison to the farm’s previous base mounted pump. Instead, the CR comes with a split coupling that makes seal changes extremely easy with no need to disturb the large motor.

(5) The system needed to be built in a short lead time in order to meet delivery requirements, which Grundfos was able to make possible. Since the installation of the Hydro Solo-E pumping system, Braun Horticulture continues to produce consistently solid, healthy trees. The company is extremely satisfied and has made future plans to purchase a second unit.


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Pressure boosting for agricultural sprinklers using the Grundfos variable speed Hydro Solo-E pumping system


Mount Hope, Ontario Canada


Braun Horticultural Tree farm

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If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


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If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


(905) 829-9533